The Role of Sponsorship and Branding in Sport
15 October 2023
Syzmik shook it up in 2023 by partnering with the legendary PremiAir Racing team.
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PremiAir Racing: The Team Behind the Scenes
01 October 2023
To dig further into our partnership with PremiAir Racing, we spoke to some of the legends in the crew behind the drivers.
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Syzmik Unleashed: Farmer’s Markets and Small-Town Feels
15 September 2023
What’s more satisfying than a nice, healthy meal? A nice, healthy meal that you’ve personally grown the ingredients for!
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Syzmik Unleashed: The Wandering Chippy
01 September 2023
It’s time to meet another one of the Syzmik crew – Andrew, ‘The Wandering Chippy’! the almost garbologist. Andrew is a true-blue Aussie bloke living and working in Sydney. We chatted with him about his job, what inspires him and what tradie life is like.
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Syzmik Unleashed: Going for Gold
15 August 2023
Plenty of us have had a crack at panning for gold at local tourist hot spots. You know the ones – you’re usually muddy, cold and standing in a few centimetres of water. You swirl a pan around and see nothing but sand and rocks, perhaps the occasional glimmer… that turns out to be nothing.
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Syzmik Unleashed: One Sss-eriously Sss-cary Job!
01 August 2023
For many of us, snakes are something better admired from a distance! We sat down with snake and reptile expert, Stuart McKenzie, owner of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, to discuss all things snakes and how he came to be the @sunshinecoastsnakecatcher.
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Tradie Health Month: Putting the Wellbeing of Our Hardworking Tradies First
15 July 2023
Tradies are often stereotyped as rough-and-tumble workers battling the weather – rain, hail or shine – to get the job done. And while this stereotype was true for a while, it became problematic when tradies felt like they had to push through injuries.
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Profession Highlight: Electrician
01 July 2023
Landing a job as an electrician presents an exciting opportunity for apprentices. The electrical field provides many exciting opportunities and sectors to specialise in.
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Looking After Yourself Physically and Mentally as a Tradie
15 June 2023
Let's face it, tradie life can be tough sometimes! Thankfully, there are ways to help your body to recover adequately, as well as different ways that you can support your physical and mental health as well as your mate’s health on site.
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Profession Highlight: Landscape Gardener
01 June 2023
Working as a landscape gardener is a fantastic career choice for those who love nature and the great outdoors. Whether it’s working on a small garden or over the expanse of a large property, no two gardens are the same which makes every day unique.
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Quality Tools Every Tradie Needs
15 May 2023
Being a tradie is a tough gig – we know you know that– it’s just a fact. From getting up at the crack of dawn, to dealing with difficult contractors and clients – and this barely even scratches the surface!
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Pros and Cons: The Best Vehicles for Tradies
01 May 2023
Time for a new vehicle? Whether you just bought a new one or your old one is falling to bits, it’s never too soon for an upgrade.
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Why are branded uniforms so important?
15 April 2023
This age-old debate has been going on forever, but no matter what side of the fence you’re on, it’s important to understand the benefits of having a branded uniform – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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How to Ditch Maccas and Eat Healthy Onsite
01 April 2023
Eating well as a tradie can sometimes be a challenge, especially when the temptation to buy fast food is there due to price, taste and convenience. However, it is important that tradies fuel their bodies with the right foods to combat their physically demanding jobs.
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To Wrap or Not to Wrap
15 March 2023
Whether your business is large or small, you may have contemplated car wrapping as a form of advertising. Car wraps can be aesthetically pleasing, and they’re a way of obtaining new leads simply by going about your day.
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